CEAC Fórum Inglês: Wine Harvest Seasons Around the World

Wine Harvest Seasons Around the World

No matter where you are in the world, there’s probably a grape harvest happening! In Napa Valley and Sonoma County, for example, harvest runs from August through October, while in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are flipped. Whether you’re dreaming of Tuscany or craving a crisp glass of French wine, these three regions are some of the best in the world.

Douro River, Portugal


Portugal’s Douro River has a long-standing reputation of great-tasting ports, but that’s not all this wine region has to offer. This is also where many rich red wines, many times made from grapes only found here, are harvested. If planning a trip, September is the month to go, as most of the harvesting takes place during those four weeks. Get in on the action by booking a private tour where you can get your feet wet (literally). We’re not saying that picking grapes is easy, but in Douro there’s always cause for celebration.

Provence, France

September to October

Known for delicious-tasting rosé, Provence is a must-see for any wine lover. Like any region, the start and end dates for harvest largely depend on the weather. Normally, the process begins in September and runs through October. If you’re a fan of French wines and have time to spare, consider adding Bordeaux and Burgundy to your itinerary.

Tuscany, Italy

End of September to October

Italy is a dream destination for wine connoisseurs and the Tuscan backdrop is like the cherry on top. The region is best known for sangiovese-based wines along with cabernet-based blends. In general, white wines like vernaccia and trebbiano are harvested at the beginning of the season, while the famous sangiovese isn’t harvested until October. Galavanting through Tuscany is one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips, so pull out all the stops. Many travelers opt for a private tour for a more immersive experience.

In Portugal September is the main month to do the Wine harvests. From the South to the North we have a fantastic wine production, excellent conditions and the perfect quality of grapes.

The Wine Harvest is also usually done in Autumn. By the time the light is special, the colors of the leaves start to turn in to red and the fields look like a painting.

The Wine Harvest is hard, involves  lot of people to all the work that has to be done, like pick up the grapes, tread them and so on.

It is also a time to celebrate and usually all the people that work for that, families and friends meet together in the end to have a good meal and drink the wine of the year before!

In the past, people had to tread the grapes, a work made by men, not women, but now there are machines also that can do it.

Now there is also a type of Tourism that is dedicated to the ones that want to do the Wine Harvest!

Have you ever participated in any Wine harvest?  Where? When? Do you remember that time?

Do you like these  traditions?

For the ones who never have tried , would you like to participate in a wine harvest?

By the way….Have an excellent Autumn!

Alguma vez  participaram nas vindimas? Onde? Quando? Lembram-se desse tempo?

Gostam destas tradições?

Para aqueles que nunca experimentaram. Gostariam de participar numa Vindima?

A propósito….Tenham  excelente Outono !


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