Lucky bad luck

He was a good guy. However, whenever that little black cat showed up, he started to run and laid down in bed, frightened… Perhaps, because he remembered the old story that his grandmother told him.
“The black cats are treacherous and bad. They live with bad witches and catch with their nails all the innocent animals to put into caldron… even the little children!”.
Curiously, in a cold night, a black cat passed through the window and entered in his bedroom. When the little boy saw it, he ran to the bed, went under the blankets and fell asleep.
In the morning, when the little boy woke up, saw the cat laid down over his feet and soon understood why that cold night was one of most warm nights that he spent in all his life.

The boy liked to observe the animal, because what looked like a simple and vulgar black cat could not be so, since the young man felt a great fascination for the cat and the incomparable energy that the cat emanated. The young man watched and felt an increasing attraction for the simple black cat. The young man watched him more and more. Until the cat began to emerge in the dreams of the young and the various dreams. One day the dream becames clear and the young boy realized what the message of the simple and common black cat, because in the dream he could understand what the cat life was.It should not be easy for this cat to find food on the streets, in the dustbin.

One day, he decided to go to the supermarket just around the corner of his street, and bought a can of food and fed the little black cat. The cat laughed with joy. The cat began to eat and the boy remembered that he could adopt the cat. After the cat finished eating, the boy took it home. He talked to his parents and they agreed to adopt the cat. So the cat won a new home and the boy a company to play with. By this moment the boy was no more superstitious.

Happy but worried about a grandmother’s assessment,he hid his new friend in the box under the bed. He then rushed to a kitchen and before he had taken his breakfast to a fridge and took out a piece of ham and a bundle of milk. Very carefully and without anyone seeing, he took the food to the room, called his new friend and, soon, it devoured the ham and then drank all the milk …
Cat feeding insurance was to dispatch to a school. Before leaving he returned to the room to say goodbye to the animal,
which was comfortable and sleeping in the box. He had a party and when he left the room he locked it with key holder.
During school and an anxious at the end of the day, wanted to return home … Finally returned a house, ran to the room and had a surprise:
his mother had found out.

The mother heard some noises and went to see what was happening but with the door closed there was nothing she could do unless wait for her child to came home and he did. The first thing he did when he arrived was to go check on the new friend who ran away right after he opened the door and then started the problems…The black cat that seemed so cute, so adorable had destroyed everything… The curtain of the bedroom was in rags on the floor, the sheets were the same, there was many things broken all over the room and the door was scratched because he wanted a way out so, it seems that he didn’t like to be alone and stuck for a long time.

But the true was nearly to be discovered. The good guy had another friend, his dog Gaspar. This young man’s room is on the ground floor when he woke up in the morning, opened the window to see the blue sky and forgot to close it before going to school.It was then that Gaspar came in through the window to see his enemy, the black cat. You can imagine now the war that happened in that room,the poor cat running from the dog, desperately try to find the window to run away, but without sucess. This is what really happened. Of course, after that, the mother was …

The mother was home and hearing so much noise in her son’s bedroom and seemed strange because she knew that the son had gone to school. She started to get scared and she tried to open the door but was afraid and so went running to call her husband who was washing the car on the terrace. When the husband saw the woman so frightened he went running fast to know what was happening. She was able to tell him that something was wrong in the son’s bedroom.

And he went after the cat and played the remains of the hours, Then he took the cat and went to the bedroom, his eyes glittered when he saw the cat, he forgave the cat for the damage and domesticated the cat and transformed the cat into the most beautiful and fine cat in the city.

From that day the black cat was the king of the house and the mother asked the son
– Are you superstitious?
And the son respond
– No.
The mother ask
– Why?
And the son respond
– Bad luck !!!
And the conversation continue
d and  the boy explained to her:
When you think something is going to be bad, it is! You atract all the bad vibes! You have to think positive!
The mother smile
d and agreed with the young one, but they had one more problem to solve: what could they do to Gaspar and the Cat be bestfriends?!….

They thought hard about a solution to make the two animals happy….And the boy remembered a gym for Gaspar, with a special toy, a black cat, and for the cat he thought of a little yellow bird, like tweety, and the mother agreed. So they went to the shopping center with a lot of hopefulness, to buy the gym and the “tweety” and when they returned home to show Gaspar the gym and to the cat the yellow bird, they found their home in a total mess.

It was then that the boy remembered that sometimes, he watched on television a program where a man trained the animals to best socialize with eache other. The mother and the son tried to find the man’s contacts on the Internet and they ask if he could train the Gaspar and the Cat.
– They have to be friends because now, they share the same owner and I like both a lot!- said the boy.
Unfortunately they couldn’d find the phone number of the tv’s man. But they found lot’s of people with the same problem, sharing their opinions. With some pacience and reading, they chose some tips to practice with their loved pets.
Some fights after, the
y realized they will always have that passive-agressive-love: they will never are happy when they’re together, but they couldn’t live with each other! And the best part of it: the boy’s family could enjoy all the circus around those two, everyday!

Days after, the mother read in the journal the next advertising: “wanted a male black cat named Chico, with approximately 8 months. Who meets the cat can communicate for the number XXX or can deliver the cat at the street XXX”. The mother talked about this advertising with her son. The boy was very unhappy because he would lose his friend.

The mother explained to the boy that Chico’s family was worried about him.
“Son, imagine that it was Gaspar who was lost. You would be very sad.
The boy agreed with his mother and then went to deliver the beautiful black cat in the
address announced in the newspaper .

The young boy made a promise to his mom:
– Ok mom, I’ll call this number but let me spend one more day with Blackie (the cat).
– Fine.. But I won’t forget what you promised!
He smiled but his eyes were full of sadness. He wasn’t ready to leave his new friend.. The boy had only one more day to spend with his buddy, so it would have to be a great one!!
One hour later, he went to Maria’s house. Maria was the love of his life, according to him. He was always saying she’
d marry him, although she didn’t know yet.
– Hi there!
– Hi Maria! I really need your help.. This is Blackie, my new buddy. I only have one more day with him and I was wondering if you would spend
some time with us and with your cat too! We could go to the park and play with them. What do you think?
– What a great idea! But why do you only have one day?
– Well.. Blackie isn’t really mine. He went to my house a few days ago. He probably escaped and now the real owner is looking for him.
– Ohh. I’m sorry! Well, I guess we really have to enjoy this day! Let’s go to the park. I’ll take some food too.
And so they went with their cats. They played all afternoon, they laughed, they ate, and, when the boy returned home, even Gaspar had his chance to say goodbye to his “friend”.
– Wake up Jake! Hi there Blackie, ready to return home? – The day had

They left the house by car and went to look for the address announced in the newspaper to deliver the black cat. When they arrived, the cat got out of the car, started to run and the boy went after him.
The cat wanted to show a beautiful and quiet place to the boy. It was a kind a small garden with a few trees, flowers and it could hear the birds chirping. There was also an old wooden bench. This became their secret place in the city. The black cat
showed him about the adventure in the garden and about new little friend – the gray mouse.

The gray mouse was like a brother to the cat. They met at it’s old house, when he used to live with his mother. One day, while we was playing, he heard a strange sound. He looked through a hole near the exit door and he saw a little gray mouse. At first, they were both scared but has the time went by they became great friends and helped each other. The gray mouse used to live with his mother and his seven brothers!! One day, the gray mouse was caught in a trap and the little black cat went to help him. He put his tail between the trap and the little mouse. With all his strenght he lifted the trap and the gray mouse ran for a safety place. After this moment, both stayed friends forever , they, the mouse’s mother and the seven mouse brothers.

«He talked to his parents and they agreed to adopt the cat. So the cat won a new home and the boy a company to play with.»
The next day, the house bell r
ang and he went to see who it was..
It was a girl with the photograph of a beautiful little black cat, Looking for him.
At first he thought to tell the girl that he did not. However, seeing
her sad face, he said he had found a little black cat in the abandoned street and went to pick it up.
When she s
wa the little black cat, she recognized it and she was happy, However, the boy was sad he was going to be without his new company. The girl, on seeing the boy’s sad face, thanked him for taking care of her cat. And invited him to go to her house every day to play with her little cat. And so, a beautiful friendship was born between the boy and the girl.

In participation order:

Pedro Sobral

Joana Barroso

Pedro Carvalho

Célia Arneiro

Cláudia Andreia

Carole Pinho

Assis da Mata


Lino Nascimento

Sónia Margarido

Ana Miranda

Edgar Mazeda

Ana Rita Sousa e Silva

Sara Ferreira

Alexandra Fernandes

Diana Carvalho

Ana Cristina Daré

Vasco Gaspar

Vera Rodrigues

Sílvia Lopes

Editing and title: Sílvia Marques