St Martin´s Day Better known since 1918 as Armistice Day, November 11th is also the Feast of St Martin or Martinmas, a Christian feast to commemorate the death and burial of the 4th century St Martin of Tours. Famous for his generosity towards a drunken beggar, with whom he shared his cloak, St Martin is the patron saint of beggars, drunkards and the poor. As his feast day falls during the wine harvest in Europe, he is also the patron saint of wine growers and innkeepers. As Martinmas coincided with the gathering in of the harvest, during the Middle Ages it was a time for feasting, to celebrate the end of autumn and the start of preparations for winter. Martlemass beef, salted to preserve it for the winter, was produced from cattle slaughtered at this time. Traditionally, goose and beef were the meats of choice for the celebrations, along with foods such as black pudding and haggis. El Greco’s St Martin and the Beggar According to folklore, if the weather is warm on St Martin’s Day, then a harsh winter will follow; conversely, if the weather at Martinmas is icy, then by Christmas it will be much warmer: In Portugal we also celebrate St. Martin´s Day, In the evening before we use to celebrate with Friends and Family! And we call it “Magusto”! Depending on the region where we live we can celebrate it in different ways, but one thing  I think is common we eat Chestnuts (boiled or roasted) and we drink “Jeropiga”, “Água Pé” and so on..because this celebration happens just after the Wine Harvest, so we have a lot to celebrate! What are the traditions in you region? Do you think it is important to keep going on celebrating these kind of traditions comparing with all the modernity that we have nowadays? We will love to read You about this! Have a wonderful St Martin´s Day! Cheers!!!   Em Portugal também celebramos o Dia de São Martinho. Na noite antes desse dia, costumamos celebrar com Familia e Amigos e chamamos lhe Magusto. Dependendo da região onde onde vivemos podemos celebrar de formas diferentes, mas uma coisa creio ser comum, comemos castanhas (assadas ou cozidas) e bebemos Jeropiga, Água Pé, etc…porque esta celebração acontece exatamente a seguir ás Vindimas, então temos muito para comemorar! Quais são as tradições na Vossa região? Pensam que é importante manter este tipo de tradições em contraste com toda a modernidade dos nossos dias?   Vamos adorar ler as Vossas ideias acerca do tema!   Tenham um fantástico Dia de São Martinho! Saúde!!